Cubig  Furniture


Cubes of Four. Over there. Fit for the table. Yah?
Cubes of Two, here. Perfect for the chair, No?
A cube is more than just mingling of lines. It’s the fundamental decision maker of any space.
It decides where you will keep your most favorite chair or the desk where a lamp constantly lights your work orthe shelf allotted to keep your valuable belongings. Let every corner of your place feel special and comfort it with our remarkable furniture.

Cu-Big is a brand undertaken by Daxesh Furniture specialized in office and home décor.


A little more bent chair or a sleek book shelf. We take care of all your needs,providing you with the furniture especially curated, considering your design sense. Either grey or blue, we weave all the hues of design to create an effortless work of art. And there it is! An abstract or an art! You decide.


The verticals. The diagonals. The hexagons. Now you know what we are talking about. Every inch of our product is made with finesse. They are mastered in perfection as they are made to last. We don’t compromise on quality, never has and never will. Taking care of the specific and intricate demands of yours, few of our products and its parts are hand-picked from overseas.

We are that key which will open up locks of your place to make the interior look beautiful and classy. To know more, drop your step at our manufacturing unit, located at Pandesara, GIDC, Surat.