Explore the Extraordinary

Back in the mind, everyone demands the superlative. With Cu-Big, we give you some awesome furnishing goals that you won’t be able to resist. The design that blows your mind and the trend that is unimaginably perfect. The pattern and fabric that flawlessly matches with the style and look of the furniture. With the exquisite office and home décor products, you won’t be able to question our level of magnificence. Style our furniture in your workspace or your personal room and experience how it bestows its magical appeal. Daydreaming, already?


Give your spine the most comfortable support with our chairs varying from ergonomic, modern and stylish. With the design that totally defines your style of living, we’ll be your ideal partner.

Cu-Table Series

Don’t let your chair be the lonely one. Get the best table that suits the interior of your workplace. The four pillars carrying the load of your belongings needs to be up to date and getting them now are just few clicks away.


Going for a different cabinet with recently bought chair and an old table will be on hold. ‘Coz we bring to you the whole set up for your workspace only at one place. Taking the credit of the idea, we have an office set up at a quite reasonable range. Check it out for yourself!


Opening a restaurant but worried about the furniture? You’ll be amazed to see our café table and chairs collection and choosing among them will be a bit difficult as you’ll like them all. Yes, you can blame us for that !


Don’t have anything to keep the records safe and secure? We are on the rescue mission. Providing the super spacious cabinets that gels up with your office or study. Now there will be no more messing up of papers and files. Much cleaner, ya?


To not lose the concentration of students from the books, it is advisable to give them the comfortable desk. And you know you’ve come at the right place for it. Providing the compartment to keep the books is yet another add on to their convenience.